Yoga in Schools ​in Bristol

Why yoga Classes in your school?

There are 5 simple reasons why yoga should be part of the P.E and PSHE curriculums or extra-curricular timetable:

  • It has been proven to increase brain function, including memory retention. This is invaluable to those studying for exams.
  • It decreases anxiety, a condition that is growing in young people and preventing them from making progress in school.
  • It increases confidence, resilience, and happiness to help young people reach their full potential.
  • It engages those that are usually disengaged with exercise plus enhances sports performance, making it an activity listed under Sports Premium Funding.
  • It empowers young people to understand and take charge of their own wellbeing, contributing towards Ofsted outstanding criteria.

If this sounds like it supports the ethos of your school then check out the different ways in which yoga could benefit your students by clicking on the drop-down box below or contact me!

Why Yoga Classes in pre-school or Nursery?

There are also 5 simple reasons why yoga should be an activity in pre-school:

  • It promotes healthy development of the brain, particularly motor-coordination and attention
  • It encourages healthy play and peer interactions through yoga games
  • It enhances learning of key vocab, particularly animal names!
  • It gives children the space to be calm and relax
  • It increases focus, helping young children with their rapid learning!


£40 for one hour

£70 for two hours

£150 for a whole day

OR £3.50 per student per session

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